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Curriculum is structured in such a way that the foundation and Primary Section (classes Pre Nursery- V), evolves into the Middle section (classes VI-VIII), further which in turn matures into the secondary and Senior Secondary Sections (classes IX-XII)

Some salient features of curriculum at KDIS

  • Faculty for value addition to classroom studies.
  • Inter knowledge –exchange sessions with others.
  • Spruced-up library for the benefit for those students who are appearing for board exams and entrance tests.
  • Special study and career counselling by experts and counsellors.
  • Talks by resource persons from various field such as Defence Services, Engineering & Medical Colleges, Managements, Charted Accountancy Firm, Universities etc.
  • Special event like Art Competitions, Annual Days, Grandparents Day, Magic Show, Class Presentations etc. Help in moulding the children into multifaceted personalities.
  • Children learn the value of cultural festivals by participation in Special Assemblies conducted on Diwali, Dusshera, Chritsmas, Children’s Day, Republic Day and Independence Day.
  • Learning is made fun by including festivals, various games related to the curriculum in classroom teaching, such activities develop the mind and thinking ability of children.
  • Computer are an integral part of curriculum, children enjoy and pick up basic computer skills through games and child friendly software.


Pre Nursery to UKG (Age 2 to 5 Years)

Young children in this highly sensitive and impressionable age are very carefully initiated for the teaching learning activities under the care of well groomed teachers with pedagogical training. Highly motivated mother teachers take care of emotional side of students.

Music, Painting, Computer Science, Physical Education and Dramatics are the part of Co- curriculum and outdoor activities that stimulate the mind and body.

Young students are introduced to English Language, Basic Mathematics and Hindi through the play way methods.

Home work and written exercises are discouraged; chalk and talk have been replaced by audio-visual aids, language labs, open air theatre and story telling sessions. This process enables young minds to express themselves in English with ease at a very young age.

Interactive Mathematics teaches students to count, measure and weigh at an early age. Well equipped Math lab facilitates students to learn through touch, feel and play.

English is the medium of instructions and monitors the thought process. Hindi is taught as a second language with the sole aim of serving the utilitarian aim. From his/her second to fifth year of age, a student can attain a level of proficiency to read and understand two letter words. Writing skills are developed in the next higher age group.

Primary Grade I to V (Age Group 6 to 10 Years)

At primary stage English, Mathematics, Hindi, Social Studies, Science are taught as main subjects. Drawing, Computer-Science, G.K. and EVS are also introduced at this stage. Games, Arts and Craft, Dance and Music are an integral part of the curriculum.

Special emphasis is laid upon Cultural and Co-Curricular activities for the all round development of a child.

Middle Grade VI to VIII (Age 11 to 14 Years)

In addition to the subjects offered at the primary level they study one additional language, which can be Sanskrit, Punjabi, French or German language. Life skills, work education and visual and performing Arts are an integral part of the co-scholastic areas at this stage. It is mandatory for each student to become a member of clubs / hobbies which help to develop literary and creative skills, scientific skills, communication and leadership skills amongst students.

Secondary Grade IX to X (Age 14 to 16 Years)

At the Secondary Stage the students prepare themselves for their first evaluation board examination which is based on continuous and comprehensive evaluation of their scholastic achievement called Formative assessments & Summative assessments in the subjects of English, Second Language, Social Science, Mathematics and Science.

The students have an options of French or Hindi as second language. English is the medium of instruction for all the subject. The students may opt for computers as an additional subject.